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$19.95/month Amateur Hardcore, vids and pics.

Original amateur hardcore videos of real couples, often with a stylish, creative edge. Good for those looking for something different.

[re-visited 11/05 - VelvetEcstasy has had a complete overhaul since the last time I checked it out. New site design is very nice. What was already a hefty archive of videos and photos has only gotten bigger, and best of all, the price has stayed the same! $19.95 for this much original, good-quality content is a great fucking deal.

Last time around, I bitched about the site's downloading speeds. Seems faster now, or at least comparable to most sites. The review below has been re-worked somewhat. The site's facts and figures have been updated and are current as of 11/05. I also added a few new paragraphs where I try to better describe this site's unique brand of amateur hardcore. Not much else new to report - still a good site at a great price.]

What It Is

VelvetEcstasy (VE) is a solid amateur hardcore video site with an impressive collection of videos produced over the past 7 years. As the site says, "Velvet Ecstasy is an artistic look at sex among real couples and their erotic fantasies."

The "real sex as performed by real couples" angle is the best thing about this site. VE's performers aren't the same stale pornstars delivering typical staged porn sex. And being real people who haven't fucked in front of a camera a million times, VE's couples are sometimes shy and nervous, but more often they're exhibitionistic naturals who seem delighted about fucking in front of a camera. We porn consuming voyeurs should say a solemn thanks for these people.

In many scenes, VE's couples start out by hugging, kissing, and showing genuine affection for one another. Porn where people are actually nice to each other – what's the world coming to? From there, there's plenty of oral sex in VE's scenes too. Enough cunnilingus to please all you cunnilingus fans, or perhaps if you want to improve your technique (your wife or girlfriend will thank you, I promise). One cool thing about VelvetEcstasy's couples, is that when they give head, they're doing it to try to get their partner off - not just to fill time, or to look good for the camera (though they do look great). When it comes to fucking, VE's couples have very authentic intercourse – lots of very real moaning and groaning and orgasms.

So far so good. Many of VE's scenes are spiced up with variations, kinks, and fantasy play that range from the tried and true to the experimental. Quite a bit of anal, threesomes, both femdom and maledom, light bondage, a smattering of rough stuff, a little cosplay, black light body painting, food play, a few outdoor scenes, toyplay, and probably some other shit I don't remember.

I liked how during the scenes, VE's couples would talk to each and the cameraman about their likes and dislikes, sometimes telling stories about their sexual experiences.

A minor specialty of the site that most likely reflects an obsession of the site's creator is facial cumshots. Every scene that I saw ended with a graphic, long and drawn out ejaculation onto the faces of VelvetEcstasy's babes. VE is first and foremost a site that will appeal to people who dig real amateur action, but facial cumshot fans will also like the extra attention paid to the end of each scene. The facial sequences are even separated out into their own clips, just for facial fans.

That's my take on VelvetEcstasy. I could blather on more, but if it sounds at all interesting you may as well check out their preview pages for yourself. VE is very up front about what they offer.

Videos: One of the best things about VelvetEcstasy is that they post 640x480, 2159 kbps, versions of their videos. This is bigger than the normal 320x240 size that most sites offer. You get the option to download them as one big file – great for broadband users. They also offer 320x240 versions of each scene that are broken up into smaller clips.

My rough count is that the site has around 230 all-original videos. Scenes run anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes long. If this was a site that really showed real people having real sex just like how they do it at home, the scenes would be 3-5 minutes long, but I forgive them for their lapse in realism.

Photos: Every video scene has a corresponding gallery of still photos and a gallery of vid caps. Not bad stuff. Some decent photography.

Other stuff: Velvet Ecstasy doesn't miss a beat when it comes to maximizing the site's earning potential. Extras consist of all sorts of cross-promotional galleries and whatnot that don't just entertain, but also attempt to entice you into signing up for some other site. Galleries from, Hegre Archives, FTVGirls, and others are posted, but to VelvetEcstasy's credit these pages are done tastefully and don't beat you over the head trying to get you to buy. There's also a section of licensed videos and photos, erotica, and a store where you can buy Velvet Ecstasy DVDs.

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Bottom Line

If you're a fan of amateur smut featuring real couples having pretty real sex, you'll want to check this one out. Fans of facial cumshots will also find a home here too. The amount of original, high-quality content and the excellent price makes this one a good bet.

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